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Dentist Chair

We Know Our Products Better Than Anyone Else.

Why? Because We Make Them

From conception to execution, Clowak's engineers stand by our products every step of the way. Our in-house engineering team has a broad range of electrical and mechanical expertise, and because our engineers are on-site, there’s no better source of technical knowledge and support for Clowak products than Clowak itself.

On top of standing behind our products in their design and manufacture, our engineers are always striving to push our technology to new heights.

“What If?”: A Question We Never Leave Unanswered

All Clowak products begin with an idea — sometimes internally generated, other times suggested by a customer. From that idea, our engineering team designs a product to meet the needs of the customer as well as our exacting standards of quality. After drawing up a final design, Clowak products undergo internal and external verification, a testing process that guarantees capabilities and efficient performance. Once a product has passed verification, it moves into manufacture.

Engineering Plans
Video Game Designers

Straight from the Source

Clowak products are Indian-made, Indian-engineered, and designed and manufactured at our Vellore, Tamil Nadu. During manufacturing — from injection molding to sheet metal and electrical engineering — our attention to detail guarantees that Clowak products are designed to perform and built to last. Because we do not outsource design or manufacture, we can ensure that all Clowak products meet our rigorous standards and exceed our customers’ expectations.

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